Steel Beams

steelbeamBrisbane Posts and Beams offer super quality beams and channels as part of our standard service. When you request your steel to be primed (painted), we clean the raw product by shot blasting (abrasive cleaning) the steel to Australian Standards.

We remove all mill scale and rust from the section prior to painting. This ensures the painted finish will not crack or flake, and offers an excellent pre-primed finish ready for installation or top coat.

We use a CNC Beam Drill Line to process our structural material. The Beam Line utilizes an exceptionally accurate and durable  laser system for all holes and welded attachment placements.

  • Channels
  • Universal Beams
  • Structural Equal Angles
  • Structural Unequal Angles
  • Taper Flange Beams
  • Universal Columns