Stair Stringers

Standard Stringers

We keep from 1 – 17 tread Hot Dip Galvanised stair stringers in stock. Standard stock stringers are made to suit.


  • Our standard stringers don’t require cutting to fit
  • Standard stringers have a rise of 175mm and a going of 250mm
  • Standard Galvanised stringers – 15, 16 and 17 Tread Landing / Concrete have a 150×50 spine to reduce bounce

Calculating your requirements

Use the standard stringer calculator or chart below to work out what type of standard stringers will suit your application.

Open Standard Stringer Calculator

Products to compliment your Stringers


  • Fasteners & Bolts
  • Pre-mix concrete
  • Timber & Aluminium Treads
  • Landings (fabricated)

These services make Brisbane Posts and Beams your one-stop shop for new or replacement stair stringers.

Custom Stringers

Custom made stringers can be fabricated to suit your requirements. Please use the custom stringer calculator below to work out what type of custom stringers will suit your application.

Open Custom Stringer Calculator

Other types of stringers available

The following can be custom fabricated

  • Mono Stringers
  • Strap Stringers
  • Landings
Landing to Landing; and Landing to Bolt Down

Illustration shows different connections on mono stringers. Landing to Landing (L); and Landing to Bolt Down (R)

Landings made to suit

Landings made to suit