Other Products & Services

Brisbane Posts & Beams now has a catalogue available with details of all items stocked which include:

  • Stringers
  • Aluminium Treads
  • Timber Treads
  • Supa Stump
  • Telescopic Posts
  • T Blade Posts Supports
  • Rod Stem T Blade Post Supports
  • Fish Plate Post Supports
  • Angle Brackets – Equal, Unequal, Flat & Z types
  • Lintels
  • Stainless Steel Wire & Fittings
  • Fasteners – Nuts, Bolts & Washers
  • Post Caps
  • Threaded Rod
  • Bracing Brackets
  • Ring Junctions
  • Bollards
  • Zinc Primer
  • Easy Mix Concrete

We can also make or provide the following:

Portal Frames

Made to your specifications.

Site welding service

Brisbane Posts and Beams have a contract site welder available.

Gate Frames

We can fabricate single and double gate frames in a range of finishes including supagal, powder coated and hot dip galvanized.

Awning Frames

We make and supply Awning Frames to your design. Finishes include supagal, powder coated and hot dip galvanized.

Cross Braces

Brisbane Posts and Beams can supply & install “Bolt on” or “Weld on” Cross Braces, these can be supplied with or without a turnbuckle tensioner, we can also supply ring junctions.

Steel Sales

Brisbane Posts & Beams can supply a range of steel sections including the following:

  • Hollow Sections
    • RHS
    • SHS
    • Pipe
  • Merchant Bar
  • Flat Bar
  • Angle
  • Round Bar
  • Square Bar
  • Deformed Bar
  • Duragal Profiles
  • Duragal Flat
  • Duragal Angle
  • Duralgal PFC’s available

Other Steel Sections

  • C & Z Purlins

Other Products

  • Decktites
  • Gate Frame Hardware


We can deliver your order to Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold and Sunshine Coasts.